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February 11
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Watchful by Eurwentala Watchful by Eurwentala
Nyctosaurus, the antler-headed pelagic pterosaur with competely ridiculous limbs. The forelimbs of Nyctosaurus actually lacked hands and resembled walking sticks rather than limbs. And the legs were tiny. The animal probably spent most of it's life on the wing.

I was sketching Nyctosaurus and had difficulty getting the legs to reach the ground in any sensible pose. The smarter half then suggested they don't necessarily need to. Perhaps the animal could lift itself up on the stilt-like forelimbs to have a look around. 

So here's a female Nyctosaurus preparing to lay her eggs, but before doing so, she checks that there are no potential nest robbers around. She's probably on a small oceanic island, safe from the fearsome terrestrial predators of Late Cretaceous.

Black markers and Photoshop.
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Valeriolete Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
I prefer to think they had a membrane in their head. This position looks very plausible and original, congrats =D.
Helixdude Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
Hmm, perhaps it could've used it's tiny back legs to pick up small objects much like Sebulba the Dug from "Star Wars"? Just a speculation, feel free to correct me.
Valeriolete Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
I liked that idea ^^.
Kazuma27 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And, by the way, the possibly crazy idea they could have walked on their "hands" is really growin' on me... ;)
cephalopodomorphist Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the idea of pterosaurs standing on anterior arms. Sheather88 made something that look like this, it is very cool. I suppose they could maybe even walk like this if they had a sense of balance as good as flying animals living today.…
Heytomemeimhome Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
So it was basically an albatross with antlers?
Eurwentala Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
Yeah, pretty much. :D

Except that there was only a single antler, and compared to Nyctosaurus, albatrosses are quite capable walkers and runners.
cmmdrsigma Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Hmmmm, I think we know why it went extinct...
Eurwentala Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Well, apart from the antler, Nyctosaurus was superbly adapted to its way of life. As there were no humans bringing new animals to oceanic islands, the island and seaside cliff environments wouls have been pretty much free of predators. It simply didn't need to be able to run. I suspect it might have been one of the most perfectly adapted oceanic fliers of all time. :)

As nyctosaurs lived very close to the end of Cretaceous, the asteroid impact was quite possibly what actually killed them off.
cybershot Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
An impressive work!
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