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London Sketching 2 by Eurwentala
London Sketching 2
So I spent a week in London, and did some sketching both in the field and afterwards in our hotel room. Here are some plants: the three in top left corner are from Kew Gardens, the others from city parks. Apart from the Ginkgo leaf, all are different parts of the London plane tree, a Platanus hybrid specifically named after London that grows absolutely everywhere.  The trees are very resistant to pollution and many are hundreds of years old.
London Sketching 1 by Eurwentala
London Sketching 1
I just spent a week in London and did some sketching both in the field and in the evenings at our hotel. We had so much fun! Here's set one: urban birds. London has some odd city birds, ranging from native to invasive and captive Royal fowl.

From top-left: Canada goose, Egyptian goose, a foot of said goose, a domestic pigeon, starling suffering from loss of feathers, two pigeon feathers, a coot, another starling, mute swan, the foot of a coot, a tufted duck, and a Tibetan goose.

Black ballpoint pen on a sketchbook page.
Green River Parrot by Eurwentala
Green River Parrot
Cyrilavis colburnorum, an Eocene stem-parrot from the Green River Formation of USA.

While the very earliest parrots probably lived in the Paleocene, there aren't many good fossil birds from the time period. The following geological epoch, Eocene, is different. Whole bird skeletons have been preserved in Green River formation in USA and in Messel and London Clay localities in Europe - and all of them have parrots.

These stem-parrots didn't look much like their modern relatives, though. They still lacked the trademark hooked beak, and looked somewhat like a cross between a parrot and a crow - which is only logical, as passerines are the closest living relatives of parrots. A transitional fossil, in a way. Zygodactyl feet, with two digits pointing forward and two backward, are already there.

I gave Cyrilavis a colouration lacking the bright reds and greens that are familiar in today's parrots. Those are formed with psittacofulvines, a class of pigments unique to parrots that possibly had not yet evolved at this point. It might look a bit too much like a cockatiel, though. It was hard to avoid it, with four cockatiels living in the room next to this.
Luna by Eurwentala
A piece requested as someone's graduation present: Luna the keeshond.

I don't usually draw dogs, but this was pretty fun to do. Especially when most of my time is now spent doing textbook illustrations, which gets a bit boring from time to time. :)
My next Botany for paleoartists post is finally here. I had to sit on it for a month, because the illustration had to be first published by the newspaper that ordered it.

Here it is, however: the plants and climate of Northern Alaska during the latest Cretaceous. This was the time of Ugrunaaluk, Nanuqsaurus and a number of other Arctic dinosaurs, and it looked surprisingly much like modern taiga.

Link to full text:…


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Maija Karala
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A biology jack of all trades. I illustrate, blog, write and teach.

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Sometimes, yes. Did you have something specific in mind? :)
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