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Lecture doodles of mostly artiodactyls by Eurwentala
Lecture doodles of mostly artiodactyls
Lecture sketches from this weekend. Somehow creatures always start filling my notebook pages when I'm attending lectures. I suppose studying is doubly good thing for me: I learn new things (this time, about combining fact and fiction in different sorts of literature) and get nice drawing practise.

Artiodactyl heads and headgears, from muntjacs to gerenuks. And a tiny stripe-backed bittern on the lower corner. Drawn with sepia marker on a sketchbook page.
Dinosaurus by Eurwentala
Lately, I have either been far too busy with work to draw, or suffered an artist's block, but here's at least a little sketch of something.

While there isn't a prehistoric animal with the genus name Dinosaurus, there used to be one in the 19th century. Dinosaurus murchisoni, pictured here, was of course not a dinosaur, but a long-fanged dinocephalian. It's a Permian animal actually more closely related to us mammals than, you know, actual dinosaurs.

Dinosaurus has since been sunk into Brithopus so sadly, this hilariously illogical genus no longer exists.

This is a highly speculative reconstruction with plenty of derived mammal-like characteristics, such as full coat of fur and vibrissae. While fur is probably a fair bit older than mammals, and at least some synapsids probably were endothermic back in the Permian, dinocephalians are a fairly primitive offshoot among them. So, take this reconstruction with a fair grain of salt.
I spent Christmas in Madeira, and saw many interesting species of cycads, conifers and tree ferns I had previously only seen in photographs, or at best as unflattering indoor specimens. Seeing them growing outside as they're supposed to gave me a ton of ideas and some photographs that could also inspire others. So the fifth part of my blog's paleobotany articles is about these. Hope you like it!

Link to the article:…
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Maija Karala
Favourite style of art: Realism or stylized realism
Shell of choice: Ammonite shell
Skin of choice: Feathered dinosaur skin

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Beautiful art!
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Nice to hear that. Thanks for the watch. :)
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Re: the one comment that I didn't answer.

I'm more of a mammal hater than reptile fanboy (which is strange, because than I should hate myself), and considering the cr*p that I have seen them put up I do think it's time someone did the opposite thing. 
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Lovely gallery, I'm digging your scientific illustrations.
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Wau en oo koskaa ennen tajunnu että oot suomalainen o.o
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Kas, se olet sinä. :)
Katseltiin joskus Dinomaniacin kanssa, että täällähän on uusi suomalainen paleotaiteilija.
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